Welcome to our workshop on Mazowiecka 12  - Specialist & Fine Art Picture Framers. We frame oil paintings, watercolours, prints, photographs, posters, diplomas, maps, mirrors and various memorabilia. In addition, we have a selection of paintings for sale on our website made in various techniques and mediums eg oil paintings, watercolours, as well as painted silks. Apart from framing art for individual customers, we work with  various companies and organizations (museums, galleries, hotels, showrooms etc.)

Bespoke Picture Framing

Picture framing requires considerable knowledge, skill and accuracy. Knowledge of art history is valuable, especially when framing paintings from previous centuries. Understanding of colour theory comes handy when dealing with prints and especially during passe-partout selection. Frankly, there’s no better way of enhancing a picture than to have it custom framed

Renovation and Restoration

It is a tedious and demanding process. We entrust conservation works to our specialists. Depending on the size of the artwork and its condition, renovation can take up to two weeks. 

Aluminium frames and clip frames

Clip frame i.e. plexiglass (transparent material) or glass, and fiberboard or chipboard, between which a photo, poster or graphic is inserted, is the simplest and the most affordable form of binding. The aluminium frame is a modern alternative to wooden frames, made as the name implies from aluminium. Both work well with photos, prints and drawings.

"A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others"

Salvador Dali


If you are in the process of decorating an apartment and are thinking about livening up the interior and emphasizing its uniqueness or perhaps looking for a unique gift, you have come to the right place. We have both contemporary paintings as well as 20th-century ones including oil paintings, watercolours and prints.  The latter works especially well with a modern, monochrome interior.

ul Mazowiecka 12, 30-036 Kraków

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